Services provided by DEEP


We can provide the following services.

Talks to Community Groups
  We can provide speakers for events at schools, colleges, universities, societies, community
  groups and places of worships (Gurdwaras, Maseets and Mandirs) on topics regarding
  environmental issues affecting Panjab and Diaspora Panjabis.
Organise Meetings, Seminars and Conferences
  We can arrange and provide environment friendly facilities and premises for events with
  regard to promoting issues affecting Panjab and the environment.

Environmental Audits of Buildings
  An Environmental Audit is a systematic, documented, periodic and objective process that
  assesses an organization's activities and services in relation to the environment. We can
  arrange for environmental audits of places of worships, community centres and small
  business premises.

Eco-friendly Landscape Designs & Gardening
  Sustainable gardens include composting and recycling. Planting schemes to attract wildlife
  and increase biodiversity in the garden. Drought tolerant and flood tolerant plants. Growing
  fruit trees, nuts, vegetables and herbs. Forest gardening principles that mimics natural

Environmental Consultancy for Projects
  With climate change and other issues regarding the environment, changing government
  regulations and public awareness, we can help businesses and organisations to become
  more environmentally-conscious and promote their 'green' reputation.
Volunteering with DEEP
Volunteering with DEEP offers a range of opportunities to suit people with diverse interests and abilities. Volunteers will be motivated with regards to the environment and Panjab. They will gain personal benefits from outdoor opportunities and the social nature of DEEP’s activities. Opportunity to share knowledge, develop skills and gain experiences in a range of areas through exciting new challenges. Obtain benefits in a holistic way. To continue with our work, we require volunteers with skills such as:
  • Friendly and flexible approach.
  • Environmental knowledge and skills.
  • Willing to do outreach work.
  • Ability to work with youth on environmental issues.
  • Knowledge of media, IT and marketing.

Length of assignments could vary from a couple of hours, a day, a week, or longer, depending on the need. There are several ways to get involved with DEEP.
  • Help with an event
  • Distribute leaflets
  • Speak at an event
  • Lead a seminar or meeting
  • Assist with fund raising
  • Computer work on website