DEEP endeavours to provide the necessary information on the environmental concerns of Panjab and related issues. This is through books, articles, images, maps, documentaries, movies and plays. In addition, there are several eco-products that we can supply. We are also looking at spritual references to the environment. Through out this website, an effort has been made to reconnect the base Panjabi terminology where applicable and appropriate.

We intend to supply and provide contacts for books relevant on environmental issues affecting Panjab. Please contact us for purchase of these books.

There are several articles, reports and lists on environmental issues as follows:
• Environmental concerns in Panjab
• Sikh Faith and the Environment
• Healthy Eating
• Environmental concerns with Other Communities
• Environmental issues in Southall
• Environmental Injustice
• Global Environmental Concerns
• Eco-Friendly Gardening
• Ecovillages and Retreats

We have selected images and photos that show the various aspects of Panjab, especially with regards to its wildlife, trees, agriculture, waters, landscape, village life and environmental issues. In addition we also look for images of Panjab with relevance to Sacred Nature.

The maps that we have used highlight the changes in the political boundaries of Panjab over the centuries. There are also maps showing the geographical aspects of Panjab with regards to its rivers, canals, doabs and landuse.

Documentaries and Movies
The documentaries show the extent of environmental degradation in Panjab and related issues. We have provided links for those that are available on the internet. Please contact us for the purchase of the rest.

We will continue to highlight plays and other programmes, which look at issues in Panjab with regards to the environment.

It is our endeavour to source organic, eco-friendly, fair trade, recycled and ethical products.

Spiritual References
We keep looking for inspiration from the spiritual texts of Panjab to inspire us in our work. We will share these with you from time to time.