We can supply many types of eco-products. All our products are eco-friendly, earth-friendly, organic, fair trade, recycled and ethically sourced. Our aim, as far as possible, is to promote products from Panjab. There is no compromise in terms of quality, comfort or appearance in these products. Please contact us if you need any of the eco-products. If there is something not on the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to source it for you.

Recycled paper turned into new paper products from Panjab.
• Leaflets
• Wedding cards
• Business cards
• A4 Writing pads
• Computer printer paper
• Stationery - envelopes, sticky labels, note pads, notebooks
• Bookmarkers

All products are compostable, biodegradable, unbleached and eco-friendly.
• Plates and bowls
• Utensils - spoons, forks, knives
• Soup containers
• Cups for hot drinks with lids
• Trays
• Napkins
Recycled paper bags. Made of recycling natural fibre. Environment friendly. Free from harmful chemicals. Can be customised in terms of shape, shade, size and design. Large selection of paper in terms of shade, texture, pattern and design.
• Shopping bags
• Gifts bags
• Promotional bags for events
Biodegradable bags of good quality and strong yet are still degradable. Made of natural fibres and can be used for various purposes.
• Carrier bags
• Food bags
• Waste or bin bags
• Gift bags

Organic cotton clothes from Panjab. Natural and without chemicals dyes.
• Organic cotton - Natural dyed clothes & fabrics.
• Naturally coloured cotton - Olive, Brown & Cream.
• Organic cotton T-shirts with Panjabi designs

Native Panjabi Plants
We can supply many varieties of plants including flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. We can also supply traditional, ornamental and religious trees, which have cultural and heritage value.