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By The Last River of Panjab
A documentary by Sofia Bamba Productions in collaboration with DEEP. It looks at the issues resulting in the environmental degradation of Panjab. Today, Panjab faces major environmental concerns with water scarcity, ground water depletion, water pollution, land degradation, erosion, drought and desertification. Please contact us for purchase of this DVD.

Farmers in Punjab State: Debt & Suicide
Talk by Aman Kaur Sidhu of the Movement Against State Repression (MASR), Punjab, India at the meeting ‘The Predicament of the Farming Community in Panjab’ of the Environment Advisory Group of the Panjabis in Britain All-Party Parliamentary Group at the House of Commons, Westminster, London in May 2006. Please contact us for purchase of this DVD.

Mitti Meri Maa
This is a Panjabi Telefilm highlighting the problems of Sikh farmers of Punjab State in India. It shows how the river waters of Punjab State have diverted to other states. It also looks at the debt problem and the issue of suicide of farmers.

The Slow Poisoning of India
Ramesh Menon’s documentary is a story on the intensive use of pesticides in agriculture. The film travels to Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra in India where indiscriminate use of pesticides has poisoned the land, water, air and food.

A Killer Bargain
This documentary, directed by Tom Heinemann, looks at farmers spraying their cotton fields with many times more than the recommended amount of pesticides. Doctors are currently investigating data from living and dead farmers, trying to establish the possible links between the extensive use of pesticides and the increase in cancer in the Cotton Belts of India.

In this documentary, Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow set out to explore the consequences of water privatisation. They also give us a provocative look at the current and coming water wars. It tells about a grassroots movement for water conservation in India.

Six Degrees Could Change The World
In possibly the most graphic treatment of global warming, noted science writer and National Geographic Explorer Mark Lynas explains how Earth’s climate will be impacted with every degree of increase in temperature and what we need to do about it, now, to avert disaster.

Genetically Modified Foods: Panacea or Poison?
Scientists have manipulated DNA and produce what they claim are stronger, more disease-resistant crops. There are fears that GM food may not be safe for humans or the environment.


Written by Satinder Kaur Chohan and Directed by Paulette Randell
Set in the cotton fields of Punjab, Zameen weaves a topical tale of globalisation around village lives, where forces of nature, tradition and modernity collide. The play presents a changing world, inspired by an ancestral land, people and way of life rooted in a history of struggle and resilience.